Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wishlist ♡

I window shop online occasionally, and since I always seem to find a lot of things I want, I figured I would compile some of my favorites from today.

Dresses from Topshop.

Earrings from Forever21.

Necklaces from Forever21.

Rings from Forever21.

Shoes from Forever21.
 Dear clothing gods in heaven, send me some sweet packages. Love, Tiffany. ♡


Amy-Denise said...


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Hmm I'd never expect the cowboy looking boots to be on your list. I was actually going to get the pink flats on the right only in black the other day. I chose a different pair though because they were on sale for like $8 lol.

sanahasblogspot. said...

you have such a cute sense in dresses, i love every single one you've picked. :>

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