Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello ♡

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I had been on Livejournal for a while, before I finally caved to the recommendations of others, and decided to switch over to Blogger. I can already tell it is a much simpler and faster blogging tool, and I'm looking forward to updating! In this blog I will be posting personal photos, clothes, video games, tattoos, and crafts! Thank you for joining me here!

Last week, Sara and I got some new tattoos to commemorate our wonderful friendship. I love Sara so much as a person and a friend, and I just can't imagine not having her in my life! Her mom is also adorable and her dad is quite handsome.

They are paopu fruits, mine is on the left. They are from the video game Kingdom Hearts, and the legend is that if two people share one, their destinies will be intertwined, and they will remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. ♡

In case you couldn't tell, we are incredibly dorky and I am incredibly obsessed with Kingdom Hearts! Ever since I finished Birth By Sleep, I have been replaying pretty much every game simultaneously. Right now I am about half-way through Kingdom Hearts I, a third of the way through Kingdom Hearts II, and right in the beginning of 358/2 Days. The only one I'm not currently replaying is Chain of Memories!

So, life has been going great. I was recently approached by Sophie & Toffee to be an ambassador of their shop, so I am very eager and excited to promote such a wonderful shop! I look forward to using their lovely supplies to create deco nails and other deco projects, as well as make tutorials and give reviews. Look out for that soon! :)

This Sunday, Matt is whisking me away somewhere secret for the night, because Monday is our two year anniversary. I am very excited for what he has planned, and all he has said to me about it was him inquiring if I wanted to do a "moose watch!" I should be taking lots of adorable photos, I am just so smitten by him, he's the sweetest.

Work has been going great, we received the schedule for Black Friday and I found out I am working from 5AM to 12PM. I am a little nervous for that, to be honest! It should be crazy, but fun. I have never worked retail on Black Friday before! Eep!

I am going to get off the internet now, I think, and go to bed! I want to get some things done tomorrow. I don't know what yet, but I just know I want to be productive! Bye. ♡


DICKFACE said...

I will add you to my blogspot links :)
mine is : !

Anonymous said...

oh, you moved! i think a lot of people are moving off of lj recently...

wuuu i finally got 358/2 days and have been playing it during all my free time =A= it makes me want to replay KHI & II again SO SO badly. but i don't have my play station with me! just going to have to stick to youtube videos of the cut scenes instead.

good luck on black friday! it seems scary to be working retail on that day. i don't even like going out as a shopper, everyone becomes so crazy!

lois mae said...

so freakin excited that you are on blogger now! you're one of my favourite lj-ers so ill be able to keep up better on here!

lois mae
my link is

Anonymous said...

aww i love you too tiff, but i think i plan to stay with lj. i know you understand <3

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being an ambassador for their shop! I look forward to your tutorial posts :)

Samhain Moon said...

You're on Blogger now, even better!

erickanicole said...

welcome to blogger Tiff :)
I love your friendship tattoo! LOL very cute, friendship fo eva!

Can't wait for your posts n__n

Anonymous said...

Ahhh omg yay! So glad you got a blogger, it will be so much easier to follow you. Your new tattoos are really cute by the way! :)

Tiffany Mays said...

Katia - Aw, thank you! Gah, your blog looks so pretty, I hope I can figure out how to make mine look that good. ;~;

Sara - I lahv you!

Thank you everyone. :)

Sniper said...

I love your new blog! The design is so minimalist yet sweet and pretty too!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogger! I recently moved over from Tumblr too and am so happy I did! No moar Tumbl dramazzz x

princess sputnik said...

CUTE tattoos! I love them!
Oh, and welcome to blogger :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is fairytaleglamour from Tumblr. :) I just recently discovered you and found you on LJ, which led me here. I really enjoy your positivity and friendliness, and you're just so darn cute! The paopu fruit idea was sooo cute and clever! I wish I had a friend that I was that close with! xoxo

Enid said...

Hey neat! You moved! How do you like blogspot? I like the look of it! Your blog is super adorable, which isn't surprising coming from you :3

It's so adorable how you and Sara got matching tattoos! They look amazing! And congratulations on becoming an ambassador for Sophie & Toffee! It sounds like a really great experience! I hope you enjoy it :)

Happy [early] anniversary! I'm sure you and Matt will have a nice little get away. He seems like such a great guy!

Take care, sweet-pea<3

lovelysatan666 said...

Now I can actually follow you blog! (don't have a l_j)
That's great that you are able to be the ambassador for a company whose products are so cute! C:

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I just found your blog and I love it :)
I love how you are passionate about your games etc..its so inspiring.

Love this tattoo, so pretty and well done. Do you think tattoos are a good blog feature? I have one but i amen't sure whether to blog it..but i'd like to share it :-).


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