Monday, November 22, 2010

Anniversary ♡

 Hello! Today (November 22nd) was Matt and I's two year anniversary. Yesterday, Matt woke me up and made me Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast, and then we left because Matt had a surprise planned! We ended up getting a little lost, which was upsetting at first, but we finally got "there", and "there" was an adorable bed & breakfast in New Hampshire!

I didn't take this picture, there is no sun or greenery this time of year, haha!
We got there and Matt and I checked in and then went out to dinner at "The Red Parka" up the road, which was this cute little restaurant where Matt got some ~delicious $22 duck~ and I had delicious vegetable lasagna with french fries (don't judge me). We even got dessert, which was a warm cookie drenched in hot fudge with ice cream on top, buried in so much whipped cream you couldn't tell there was anything under it! It was so yummy. Matt and I took a bath and he tried to scald my first layer of skin off with the water temperature, so I just sat on the edge and massaged his feet, haha!

Clearly my four-hour-car-ride-insanity knows no bounds.
We also got to use an iPad for fun, because the bed & breakfast had a few of them that they lend to all the customers to use in their rooms like computers basically! Oh my goodness, I love the iPad. I didn't know how much I would care for it until I was sitting in bed with Tumblr in my lap and I was like, "Yep, this rules." Matt and I also played Scrabble on it! Matt is a Scrabble genius. Also, the bed in there was the comfiest, softest, most wonderful - king size - bed I have ever slept on and I wish we could have taken it home with us. It was perfect.

Today when Matt and I checked out, we went driving ten minutes up the road to North Conway, NH where there is a big group of outlet stores, and we went to the Gap where everything was super discounted. Matt bought himself a new winter coat because he is too small for his old winter coat that he bought two years ago, and I bought myself some comfy pajama pants that I love!

Then we hit the road and I slept and drooled for an hour until we made it into Rochester, which is near my hometown. We decided to go see Harry Potter at the theater in Newington, and then visit my mom on the way back before heading all the way home! Harry Potter was obviously awesome I don't think I need to explain, and we got to meet my mom's new puppy! It is so adorable, I can't even. Her name is "Mepup" which is indeed a strange name, but that's my mom for you, haha! 
I took the opportunity at my mom's house to grab some of my Harry Potter books and Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X-2! I haven't actually played VII although I own it, and I've only played through half of VIII and a quarter of X-2, so I intend on hopefully playing through them all!

Matt saw this on the side of the road and took a picture of it when I was sleeping. TOO funny.

 My gifts to Matt were a Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) figure that Matt would always pick up and look at, every time we went to the comic book store for the past year (haha!), "Rift" by James Jean, and four packs of Pokemon HG/SS: Triumphant which he pulled a Gengar Prime and half of a Palkia/Dialga Legend out of! ♡ I was really happy at how much he appreciated the Rei figure, I didn't know how surprised he would be, but I was very happy at how happy he was to see it and how thoughtful he thought it was!
We got home and watched Dexter while I ate pizza and then repainted my nails. It has been a really good weekend! Now I want to go to bed, it's been a long day! Bye! ♡


si-h said...

that's so sweet of matt to plan that for you guys! for my 1 year this past august we went to the beach and stayed in a room there. i love those sorts of trips! perfect for anniversaries~

oh, how do your short finger nails still look so good? whenever i have short nails, my hands look manly or something -_-

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Aww that's so sweet me and my boyfriend's anniversary is the 28th! :3 Although we don't have money to do anything that extravagant lol.

Lasagna and French Fries...hmm that sounds pretty interesting lol! Hope you have fun playing the Final Fantasy games. X-2 is my absolute favorite HANDS DOWN! :)

Little Sugar Monster

m1ssberyl said...

Your dinner sounds delicious and the bed and breakfast was gorgeous~ I want to get an ipad when they start getting better and support various things they don't have, such as supporting flash, so probably 3rd or 4th generation. :3 haha
I still haven't seen HP! D: Hopefully this weekend though! (:
cute nails!

glad your anniversary went so well(:

Tiffany Mays said...

si-h: I feel the same way about my nails actually! I have really short fingers that are not at all elegant so I never really paint my real nails, just because I don't want to draw attention to how boy-ish my hands are! I usually bite my nails, but if I can be patient enough to let them grow out a little bit, they look better and more girl-like, and that's when I paint them. :)

Jazmyn: Aw, well I'm sure you guys will still have a nice day/night together! ♡♡ I hope I like X-2 because I really like the characters, but I think I stopped playing it because I got really stuck on what to do at one point. ;~;

Tiffany Mays said...

m1ssberyl: That's a good point! Matt brought it up too that there are other iPad-like things coming out from different companies that do support flash and other stuff, kinda like how the HTC Droid is just like an iPhone!
You'll like HP, it was really good but super sad though, as I'm sure you already know if you read the books. The time flew by and I actually forgot the movie was only part one, I was expecting to see the entire story and then when it ended, I was like, "Oh...right."

Sniper said...

I'm glad you two had such a sweet anniversary! That bed and breakfast looks so quaint and charming and OMG jacuzzi! You look so good in white!

I heard that the iPad lost a ton of sales after the iPhone4 came out. It's a shame, because I like the bigger size of it, even if it's not as high resolution as it should be.

мaямellatส said...
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m1ssberyl said...

I went to France over the summer and randomly went into an electronics store that had an ipad and was messing with it for nearly an hour! (I was just playing Plants vs. Zombies the whole time! hahaha) But, I've been waiting for Apple or someone to release a tablet-like device, now they just need to perfect it! :p

I used to have an HTC Droid and hated it! I just hate touch-screen keyboards. You have/had a Xenon right? I used to have one when I was on AT&T for a while, and I really liked it! but that's because it was touch-screen and had a slide-out keyboard! :p Currently have a Blackberry Tour and am quite happy with it<3 But I am super excited for the Playstation phone that is currently being worked on! :D It's gonna be like a smaller PSP that you can txt and call from! haha:
Hopefully it'll look better than the mock-up that's been released, but I can't wait!

I stopped reading after the 5th HP book, although not sure why! haha I need to go and re-read through them all! As for the movies, I stopped liking them after the 2nd one, when they started changing directors. /: But, It was the first movie that inspired me to read the books in the first place so I decided that I'd finish watching all the movies; I dedicated to the first, might as well dedicate to them all! (I have to do that with Twilight as well, regretfully! haha)
yay long comment~

bonemomma said...

I love lasagna+french fries! They taste so good together but everybody thinks it's odd :p Looks you had a marvelous anniversary ^^

Riley said...

So good to see you made the swith to Blogger! Now I don't have to bother with Livejournal anymore. I've been on Blogger for about a year now and I love it! :)

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