Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Giveaway from Sophie & Toffee!

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Hello everyone! To bring in the new year, Sophie & Toffee is giving away a handmade decoden iPhone 3G case! It is crafted from Sophie & Toffee supplies and genuine Swarovski crystals. It is considered our half case deco, and it is worth SGD$80, which is about USD$60.

To win, you simply have to leave a comment here on my blog saying a little bit about why you would like to win, and be sure to include your email address so we can contact you if you win! The deadline for entering is January 31, 2011.

For more chances to win, you can do a few different things!

1) Post a comment here on which @SilverLeica Handmade Decoden Case you like best.

2) Like this Giveaway Album on Facebook.

3) Tweet about it: @SophieandToffee Enter now for our New Year Giveaway: Swarovski Crystals & Sweets Decoden IPhone 3G case. ♡

The more entries you enter, the higher your chances of winning!
Results will be randomly selected based on the entries.

Please try to use the same name or same email for us to consolidate all the entries together.

Be sure to check out the decoden cases in the online store here as well, they're so adorable! 

Also, you can "like" Sophie & Toffee on Facebook to stay clued in on new items and special offers! ♡


Robert said...

Hello! My name is Robert ( and I believe I should win this little nifty case so that I can give it to my girlfriend. I think this case just fits her perfectly. She's always loved the type of things you posted and upon seeing this, new I had to win it for her. So here's my entry hoping for the best of luck to myself and everyone on here. Thank you for your time!

lol said...

I think I should win because cakes is cute and I like them. Once you pick me, please send my confirmation email to Thanks! ^_^

golly, kjirstin. said...

I would love to win this case because it's super cute and i love sweets! n__n

Tiffany Mays said...

"I couldnt comment on your blog, but my friend well she pays for her own school, food clothing, pretty much everything except she lives with her parents. She is very much a girly girl but would never splurge on something for herself, and to be honest she hates when people splurge on her. I think being able to give her something i know she will cherish and care for would be amazing, and to see her face light up when she receives something so amazing would make my day. i believe everyone deserves something beautiful and i would like to give it to her."

Miss Mulligrubs said...

Hello I would like to win so I can give it to my friend in return for her giving me presents from Versailles, in addition to the fact that she has an i-phone and loves these cute things.

Danica said...

Hi! I'm Danica. :) I think I should win because this case is so cute and girly. I really love the design! Thank you! :D
Here's my e-mail:

Anonymous said...

How fabulous?! I'd like to win this so I'm less inclined to get an iPhone 4 when I don't even need one! x

shannonshibby said...

I think i should win this iphone case, cause i'm totally into cakes, cupcakes, cookies and everything sweet. I have the dream to open a little bakery in london greenwich, cause i'm a bakefairy. and btw i have a bowtattoo so it fits completely. Today i'm gonna get my iphone 3g and i'm searching for a cute iphone case for now 3 weeks without any good result and nevertheless i don't have enough money to spend 60-80 $ for a cute iphone case. I'm glad, if you would choose me, my e-mail adress is (

(btw, i think robert is a wonderful boyfriend and i think noone would be sad, if he gets it, he's cute, cheers to robert, hihi :3)

rae said...

hiii rae here. i would love to win bcos i am in love with deco, esp. dessert themed deco, and this case is absolutely adorable. i esp. love the icing border :3

Vio said...

eyho!My name is Viola ( I think I should win because I love cute Stuff and never find something like this in bad ( U _ u)v I'm a crazy girl, I love the things that you post here and @ tumblr.
Disney means a huge part in my life ♥

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Tuesday said...

'Iya!!! :-3 *ahem*
I have a dream, that one day, everybody without a Sophie & Toffee case, can join hands and... etc etc...

:# I'd love to win this case because my deco-ing skills really aren't up to par :''-( I've been eyeing up the iPhone cases for a long time and have been trying to save up but never getting very far .. (while there is chocolate and pizza for sale I am going to have to buy it!!!)

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas/New Year,
Tuesday :>>> xoxo


Caro-chan said...

I'd like to win because I'm really addicted to making cute things XD I just got bitten by the deco bug a few months ago and have been trying to expand my deco supplies ever since!

Email is

kristin marie. said...

I'd like to win because my old iphone case is totally turned the back of my iphone toally faded & made all this weird marks :( wahh!
Plus I love sweets, the color pink & that case is adorable :)



weclapourhands said...

I would love to win this case because I love deco cellphone charms but obviously those can't be attached to iPhones. I've never seen such a cute case for an iPhone. I need it! I'm definitely adding this to my birthday wishlist!


Anonymous said...

I love this case... but what's more important is, my daughter loves this case! haha. poor thing, she's not even old enough to own a cellphone yet though! I am slowly teaching her some deco-arts with the gifts i bought from sophie and toffee for her for her birthday this year, and she's learning well! i can't wait to see what she comes up with in the future! i think if i won this case, she could use it for artistic reference (and aslo make mommy so happy!!!). i could never afford it, considering i'm a student and a single mom, but that's why i'm hoping if i don't win, one day, she'll make me something great!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I completely stumbled upon this page by pure accident after having watched Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer on Netflix. And now I'm vying for this completely amazing creation from a completely amazing store. I love all things crafty and tonight must be my lucky night. why do I want/need/deserve this beautiful hand crafted Pièce de résistance of the phone case world. Well, first and foremost, I would love to spread the word about this amazing little store to any and everyone who will turn their eye toward my sparkly way. I'm from Texas and let's be honest, this state needs an update. That unintentionally rhymed. I can confidently say that Texas doesn't have many choices as far as crafty things go, so I could definitely spread the Sophie & Toffee sparkle love. So I think this case wouldn't be so much for me as it would be for the good of mankind. This world needs some Sophie & Toffee light heartedness, don't you think? I'm willing to take the challenge and sport the sparkle.

My other reason: It reminds me of a certain kind of fun and happiness. The kind you get from seeing the perfect film or hearing the perfect song when you really needed to hear it. an unexpected joy, i suppose.

Kind of like being a Miyazaki fan and then Howl's Moving Castle is released and your life is complete. at last.

bottom line: i love this blog. i love sophie and toffee. i'm a new fan. i would treasure the beautiful case but if someone else is chosen, it was just meant to be! as all things are. <3

桜坊 said...

I'm an eager fan of decoden and Sophie&Toffee, and when I saw your work on their site I immediately loved it all. I think you're extremely talented, keep at it! (This really has nothing to do with the contest, I just wanted to tell you!)

I think I should win this so I can give it to my crafty mother. She's always been into handicrafts, but due to work she's too busy to do much herself. It's her 50th birthday in March, and I feel I should give her something extremely beautiful and fabulous that would put a smile on her face and make her feel youthful. In Finland decoden is only recently gaining attention and you can't really get any supplies here, so such a special gift would definitely gain even greater meaning to being one-of-a-kind.


Nila said...

I would like this case to make my iPhone look tasty and good enough to eat for anyone who feast their eyes on it. If I get hungry en route to the bakery, I might have a nibble too :)

Tiffany Mays said...

"Hey Tiffany!! :)
Hopefully you remember me, but my name is Leticia ( and I would absolutely love to win this case!
My phone is the one thing I have that has always allowed me to have contact with my family in Brasil!
I am saving up to go visit them since my grandparents passed, so buying pretty things for myself isn't something I can do anymore.
Having this beautiful case would help me stay positive in the end of my long painful work days and not give up!"

icitea said...

Hello! I'm a fan of sophie and Toffee's, so when I saw theywere having another giveaway I had to join! I'd love to win because my phone is currently completely unadorned, which is really a shame... This case is so pretty; i'd love to use it!

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Nayel said...

I would like to win this kawaii iPhone 3G S case because my phone never experience to wear this kind of so pretty case and I want it to experience it. Haha. Well actually, I'm personally inlove with it that's why I would like to win this. :D


Tiffany Mays said...

I warrant this is the case for me because I need a Gorgeous case for my iPhone. My favorite case is the Rapunzel 3G IPhone Decoden Case it potrays me 100%......

Major ~*~

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie, I'm obsessed with deco stuff. I recently got a 3GS and haven't boughten a new case for it yet, and this one is absolutely perfect! I would be thrilled to win it! :D


Irrashaimase said...

I would like to win because I REALLY LOVE SWEETS♥~ о(*>▽<)y ☆ I mean, who could reject such beautiful parfaits, cakes, macarons? ☆(///∇//) *drools* Even though it's not the real food, it is really designed so lovely and I love the design because it seems so fluffy, yummy and 'Kawaii'~ (ノ´▽`)ノ If I win the casing, it'll be like a dream come true; It'll be as if I have many sweets with me~(≧▽≦) hehe~ *happy*

-> Email:

Holly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holly said...

Hallooo... I think this case is just adorable-riffic! I use my Iphone 3gs for just about everything. I could really use a makeover for it because right now, it's just blah, butt-naked, and boring! I would be honored to tell everyone that Sophie & Toffee hooked me up with the SWEETEST phone case EVER!!!

forgot my email...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'd love to win this case because it looks so adorable and yummy! I've made deco cases before with pearls and flowers, and I've been wanting to make a sweets and whipped cream case but I just can't afford the supplies! (usually it's the shipping that kills me...) all of the SilverLeica sweets cases are so adorable and I would love to have my phone protected by something that I just wanna eat up (: The ribbon lollipop and sprinkles in the whip are just toooo cute! Such a wonderful decoden design (: Whoever ends up with this case will be very very happy!
My email is
Thanks! ♥ Marissa

Frances said...

I want to win because i love decoden and i really love this case (:

I buy cabochons from SophieToffeeCo alot :D
and i want to make such a successful box like this one ! <3 (:

Name : Frances Wu
Email :
age : 13
Country: Canada

i hope i win (:

alison said...

i would love to win this case as it is the most beautiful case i have seen. its so pretty and pink!
i hope i win!!!
love, alison.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful <3

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