Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho ho ho~

Hi! I had a little lapse in updating due to my digital camera breaking-but alas, I have a new one now thanks to my dad, and I am in love with eet!
Christmas was wonderful, my mom is wonderful, Matt is wonderful, etc. I feel so lucky to have the family I have, and I feel so lucky to be so fortunate. ♡

 Let's seeee...well my mom cooked breakfast, but we also ate a lot of dinner food too like baked macaroni and cheese (yummm). Then we opened presents while watching the Disney Parade! Best ever. I got Matt some lifting gloves for the gym and an Admiral Ackbar action figure, and I'm giving him a large chunk of money from my next pay check since that is what he wants the most! My mom gave us a new TV which is really nice, since our old TV was starting to go bad and it had a line across the screen! My mom had some really interesting gifts for Matt:
Le Shake Weight~
I found this to be a really good gift for Matt, considering he likes to have knowledge of lots of weird things. I now know that tampons were first made out of wooden sticks wrapped in wool...eugh.
A gift for both Matt and I, an AWESOME Pokemon calendar for the new year!
My mom also gave us some new knives, a cool change jar with a lid that counts how much money you have, a new scale that tells you your BMI, water percentage, and muscle mass, and...
Squirmles!! I am beyond amused at these odd things, they are just these cute fuzzy snake creatures tied to invisible string that dance and are just generally cute!
Thanks to both my mom and my dad, I now have enough money in Starbucks gift cards to buy myself 25 drinks! YES. My mom got me a lovely new coat, a new shirt and dress (I haven't taken a picture of the dress yet, but I will), a share of Disney stock with a framed stock certificate which is really awesome and cute and generally a really cool gift, and some cash as well. My favorite gift from her has to be this new perfume:

This one is my favorite, it smells SO GOOD I just want to bathe in it. You know when you are wearing a perfume and you just feel prettier when you smell yourself? Yeah.
This was the first Christmas with my mom's new puppy, Mepup, and she was so cute! Henry, my mom's other dog, was being a poophead and kept barking at Mepup because he was jealous, which wasn't that nice, but I think Mepup had a good first Christmas!

I also took a lot of random photos around the house, since I was trying out my new camera.
My mom loves Nutcrackers. You have no idea.
My mom really wanted me to take a picture of her new potholder, haha.

Little Christmas tree in the dining room.

These were Matt's gifts to me, I am in love!! My old DS was breaking from opening and closing it so much over the years, and plus I think Matt was tired of me using his DSi to use the camera so much, haha. I love Cooking Mama, I am set for life.
After that, we headed over to Matts moms house and hung out there for a little while. I am now an owner of a leopard print Snuggie! I recently saw Tron Legacy and Black Swan, which were both amazing! I want to see them both again and again. Right now I am at Sara's house and there is an absolute blizzard raging outside right now. We just finished watching Cry Baby and eating pizza, and tomorrow I want to go to the mall and see Black Swan again, if the weather isn't horrible and Sara doesn't have to go to class! I'm sure we will be taking lots more pictures tomorrow, I love you Nikon Coolpix.

What I Wore Today ♡ Shirt: Kohl’s Cardigan: Forever21 Shorts: Forever21 Tights: Target Shoes (not shown): Black flats from Payless
I am going off to bed now! Last time I saw the clock, it was 10PM, and now it's 4AM so I have no idea what just happened, but goodnight!


Taqo said...

Cute pics! And your mom's house is adorable. Is she into cute things as well? :-)

Sniper said...

I love that you had an awesome and cozy Christmas and that you have a new camera so you can take more adorable pictures!

Anonymous said...

yay christmas at parents house! makes me miss my mom's cooking~ (lol @ matt's gifts haha)

heyy, i have shorts similar to the ones you're wearing in your wiwt pic, but...for some reason they are really unflattering/make my crotch look five miles long. excuse me while i figure how how they look so cute on you!

name said...

What a cute wittle doggy! awww, please say you have more pictures?!!

Also if you would like to share any, what are some more interesting histories of common things?

♥cherry. said...

what a lovely, sweet affair you have had! it sure seems like you are enjoying your adventures of being a youth living independently with the love of her life and pursuing her dreams. i'm jealous. but i'll get there for myself one day!

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